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Terror attack in Nice!!!

Good morning Prayer Warriors,

As we wake up to the news this morning of the recent terror attack in Nice, again I ask us to pray as never before! I don’t have to tell you that these are serious times! We live in a day and age where these attacks are coming thick and fast as they mimick the war going on in the heavenlies!!

As you go about your day today, Can we please pray for all the people who have been affected. The people who have been injured, who are very afraid and in shock, and those who are trying to find out about their relatives, as well as those who have definitely lost loved ones.

We need to pray that these things will remind us all that there is a God of justice who is full of mercy. He is always at work to intervene, help and make a difference to the frailty of humanity. May more and more of us come to realise how much we need him in our lives!!

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