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Brussels attacks!!!

God morning prayer warriors,

As we wake up to the news this morning of the bomb attacks in Brussels, can we please pray for all the people who have been affected. The people who have been injured, who are very afraid ad in shock, and those who are trying to find out about their relatives, as well as those who have definitely lost loved ones.

Guys these are horrific times and most definitely the last days! Obviously the spiritual war has intensified, so we must be ready to meet it with intensified prayers as people are generally lost souls with no idea how to help themselves! Those of us who know how to pray must be bold and courageous in using the power of prayer that we have at our disposal! Pray as if your life depends on it….because it actually does! Pray that people will realize how much we all need to turn to God and accept we all need his mercy! But for the grace of God…..go we!!!

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