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Manchester terror attack

Good Morning Prayer Warriors,

It is indeed a sad morning as we wake up to the terrible news of a horrendous attack, that took place last night in Manchester. A suicide bomb went off killing young people and injuring many. Please, can we pray for the families who have lost loved ones (their precious children), as our God is the greatest comforter and the only one who can help and soothe them at this unimaginably painful time.  Please, can we also pray for all the people (children included) who witnessed the atrocity up close and first hand. No doubt they will all be traumatised by what they witnessed so it will take prayer, to get them through something so horrific.

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Muhammed Ali’s family

Good morning Prayer Warriors,

It is June 2016 and so far there are so many people who have lost the battle to continue with life as we know it.

I ask you to please pray for Muhammed Ali’s family as they grieve for him this week. Please also pray for anyone else you know who has lost a loved one recently.

As  we pray, can we also remember how blessed we are to have woken up this morning. Can we make a deliberate decision to never take a moment for granted!

Many Blessings Prayer Warriors x x

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Sri Lanka mudslides!!!

Good afternoon prayer warriors,

Can I ask us to please pray for the people of Sri Lanka who have had to deal with the challenge of mud slides. There are still people missing and buried, homes have been affected and people have been killed. Can we pray for supernatural help for all of them from heaven, as well as comfort for those who are bereaved.  Thank you so much prayer warriors. Bless you.

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pray for Celine Dion & family

Hey prayer warriors,

Asking for prayer please this week for Celine Deon, her children and extended family. They lost her beloved husband as well as her brother last week! How hard it is to lose one person that you love….never mind two people days after one another!

Please pray for strength, comfort and the will to go on!

Thank you prayer warriors….you are awesome!

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pray for Sian Blake’s family

Hello prayer warriors,

Asking for prayer for Sian Blake’s family. Sian (a former east ender’s actress), and her two sons were murdered recently by her ex partner. She left a mother, siblings and the rest of the extended family. It must be particularly difficult for them with the sheer injustice of what happened.

Please pray for the family members left behind….that in time the God of all comfort will give them the strength to come to terms with their loss and the senseless of it all. Pray that they will be able to move on and forward finding the peace that goes beyond all understanding. Pray for God to heal their broken hearts.

Thank you prayer Warriors.

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Urgent prayer needed!

Can we please, please, please remember and pray for the families of Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson the two victims who got caught up  in the siege in an Australian cafe yesterday.  Also for the families of the 141  victims of the Taliban gunmen who attacked a school in Peshawar Pakistan of which 132 were children! It is so hard to think of the pain that ripples through their families right at this moment. As we try to imagine what they are going through, please let that fuel your prayers for them. May the God of all comfort wrap his loving arms around them and soothe their aching souls during this difficult time.

God our comforter!

Praying today for all those who are or have been bereaved and lost someone special. May the God of all comfort wrap his loving arms around them, and soothe the deep pain that is their experience and that he truly does understand so well.

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