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British political leadership contests!

Good evening prayer warriors,

As British politicians squabble and compete with one another about who should be the next leaders of the two main parties, I believe this is the perfect opportunity for us pray. When all is said and done, we need to pray that the final choice comes down to the person that is chosen by Almighty God. Can we pray for the person who will work well with God’s Holy Spirit to do what is necessary for us to be able to say….Lord let your kingdom come!

Thank you prayer warriors

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Urgent prayer needed!

Dear prayer warriors,

As Britain voted to exit out of the European Union yesterday, there is much uncertainty  and quite frankly fear! Can we therefore pray for the British people at this time. May this tremendous time of people unsure of just about everything, be a time when  people cry out to God in a way they never have before. This country was once referred to as Great Britain. Perhaps it is no coincidence that it was at a time when they knew, trusted and loved God! Can we also pray that God will have a hand in the  choosing of the new leadership. We need leaders who are totally in tune with him and can therefore, operate under his direction and that his will can be done in Britain as it is done in heaven!

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