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Paul Daniels!

Good afternoon prayer warriors,

Can we please pray for Paul Daniels family as they struggle with their grief after they lost him last week. Can we take the opportunity to ask God to make a way for each of them to come to know Jesus Christ the light and saviour of the world!

Thanks guys

Read two free chapters of Knocking on heaven’s door by the author here:




Nepal earthquake tragedy!

Can we please pray at this time for all the people who have been affected by the earthquake that took place in Nepal last saturday! A horrific number of people died, so please pray for every family that has lost loved ones. Then of course there are those who are injured as well as those who have yet to be rescued. We need to pray that the God of all comfort will soothe broken souls as he wraps his loving arms around them.

Read two free chapters of Knocking on heaven’s door by the author here:

Miracle baby!

Two weeks ago a little miracle baby girl was born. There was a lot of drama as her mother suddenly started bleeding and it became obvious that the baby was coming even though it was ten weeks too early! As this was the couples first child it was a most traumatic experience, and certainly not the way they had planned. They shared what was going on with close family who began to pray earnestly. Prayers went up for the health of the mother and child and for a good and favourable outcome. Initially the baby couldn’t breathe unassisted but needed a ventilator. After a few days the baby was taken off the ventilator and weighed approximately three pounds. As I write this, mother and baby are doing great  and moving from strength to strength. Without prayer, the story could have turned out to be a very different one. I thank God for people who are willing to put their faith into action and speak to the God who has the power to do even the  impossible!  He proves daily how much he cares about people and is willing to get involved in the  lives that would be helpless without his intervention!

Prayer definitely works; so I urge you to try it for yourself. If you don’t know how, check out Knocking on Heaven’s door the prayer manual. Happy praying!