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Launch of Knocking on heaven’s door!


Thank God its here!

Hello there!

Just wanted to share how excited I am to be able to take this opportunity to tell you about the launch of my new book. Knocking on Heaven’s Door invites everyone to learn the art of praying simply, effectively and to enjoy the experience. Often prayer is perceived as complicated, only to be embraced by experts! However true heartfelt prayer should be simplicity itself and of great interest to beginners also. It is an indispensable guide detailing what prayer is, how it works and the magnificence of its different aspects. Whether you are simply curious about prayer or seriously considering adapting it as a way of life, it is a handy manual that will equip you to achieve personal victory in all areas of your life.
Please take a look and enjoy two chapters free by using the link below. If you like please share with others.
Thank you so much for you support and interest.