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MS804 Plane Crash!!!

Good evening prayer warriors,

Please can we pray for the bereaved families of the passengers that were on the plane MS804 that crashed early hours of this morning. Imagine waking up to the news this morning knowing your loved one is not coming back!! Please pray for the God of all comfort to meet these people at the point of their need. They are going to need supernatural strength to get through this.

Thank you.

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Sri Lanka mudslides!!!

Good afternoon prayer warriors,

Can I ask us to please pray for the people of Sri Lanka who have had to deal with the challenge of mud slides. There are still people missing and buried, homes have been affected and people have been killed. Can we pray for supernatural help for all of them from heaven, as well as comfort for those who are bereaved.  Thank you so much prayer warriors. Bless you.

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Fires in Canada (Alberta)

Good evening prayer warriors,

Just want to ask you to please remember and pray for the people in Canada (Alberta) who are battling the terrible fires at the moment. Many of them had to flee the danger with just the clothes on their back. They are frightened and living in limbo not at all sure what will happen next or what to do about what has happened. Please lets pray for God to comfort them and give them wisdom and courage.

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Good morning prayer warriors,

As we continue to watch the news, can we please pray for the victims and their families during this awful time. As God is known as the God of all comfort, let us ask him to help, and comfort them, revealing himself to them, at the same time. May they develop a clear understanding of the truth that he is our only hope!


Nepal earthquake tragedy!

Can we please pray at this time for all the people who have been affected by the earthquake that took place in Nepal last saturday! A horrific number of people died, so please pray for every family that has lost loved ones. Then of course there are those who are injured as well as those who have yet to be rescued. We need to pray that the God of all comfort will soothe broken souls as he wraps his loving arms around them.

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Urgent prayer needed!

Can we please, please, please remember and pray for the families of Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson the two victims who got caught up  in the siege in an Australian cafe yesterday.  Also for the families of the 141  victims of the Taliban gunmen who attacked a school in Peshawar Pakistan of which 132 were children! It is so hard to think of the pain that ripples through their families right at this moment. As we try to imagine what they are going through, please let that fuel your prayers for them. May the God of all comfort wrap his loving arms around them and soothe their aching souls during this difficult time.