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Various Reviews for knocking on heaven’s door

I love this book because it is so easy to read and understand! I read most of it the day I received it!
I love this book because Diane herself has sound understanding and experience of Spiritual reality.
I love this book because it has the potential to bring a higher presence, perspective and power into the life of anyone who practices these principles of prayer.
I love this book because it is simple enough for a child to understand yet deep enough to never master fully.
If you have a gap in your life, Diane will show you the way to fill it with the blessings of heaven!   by RW

Really valuable easy to read book to help build and develop your prayer life. Particularly inspiring examples of situations and answers to prayers. The writers love for her saviour shines through every page and that makes you want to develop your prayer life to be more like hers, Its infectious. Thoroughly recommend it.  by PW

This is one of the most comprehensive prayer manuals I have ever come across. The spirit of the Lord definitely inspired this writing. Not only does this manual give practical step by step guidance in maintaining a direct prayer/ communication with God, it is not merely theory, it is backed and validated by genuine testimonials of first hand experiences of miraculous events triggered by prayer.
When you read this manual be prepared for Jesus to uproot, restore, encourage, enlighten and MEET YOU!Are you ready to meet Jehovah God Almighty? Are you ready to face new dimensions in your prayer life? Are you ready to be used mightily by God?Are you looking for a refreshing in your prayer life and relationship with God?  Then you MUST read this manual….you most certainly will ENTER heavens door…do you dare to knock?  by M