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Prayer sorts out even the impossible!

On Tuesday of this week I met with the video promotional team to get the ball rolling to promote Knocking on heaven’s door. During this time I was being interviewed about the book and its content. The interview went well and all the footage was successfully captured. Then as the team sought to play back the footage, all of a sudden the computer that was being used seemed to develop a life of its own! Before we knew what had happened, the computer froze and important information stored in certain files had been transferred to the trash and couldn’t seem to be retrieved. No matter what was done or attempted, the computer remained locked and for this time the information on the computer itself was all apparently lost. ┬áThis was not a good situation but proving to be a complete disaster of a day! Infact it was an emergency. The only answer was going to have to prayer. We absolutely needed Divine intervention. We had done everything possible and still come up with nothing. It became obvious that there was more to this than was meeting the eye. This was a spiritual attack and opposition at its best at work. So we parted company on the understanding that we would have to pray and ask God to please do something. When I prayed I asked God for the wisdom to know how to retrieve the ‘lost files.’ I also asked him to deal with every root of opposition, as well as for a positive outcome here to provide evidence that prayer definitely answers.

The answer came promptly on Wednesday morning. I received a text to say that indeed the files on the computer had now successfully been retrieved! Apparently what happened with the computer that day never usually happens with that particular make. The young man who helped to fix it admitted that in all his experience, he had never seen anything like this happen before! When I heard that I have to admit that I can’t say that I was surprised, and I had to smile to myself. It has been my experience to date that whenever the power of God is at work, and something is a great opportunity to prove that God Almighty is alive, well and intimately involved in the lives of his children, then there usually are moments of fierce opposition. However prayer has always proven to be powerful enough to dismantle every single one. I would therefore encourage everyone reading this, to go on an adventure and try prayer for yourself. You will see that Prayer is able to help your life and make a tremendous difference to the things that matter to you! If you would like to learn to pray effectively, you can order your copy of Knocking on heaven’s door (the prayer manual) here: