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Excerpt chapter 2



James chapter 1 verse 17
Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The
gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the father of light.
There is nothing deceitful in God, nothing two faced, nothing

The most precious and crucial thing in my life is my
relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ! Even though there
have been times when I have lost everything else that I
held dear, I have still found myself to be the richest and
most blessed woman on this earth. The reason is
because everything I could ever need, or hope for, I find in
him. Therefore whenever it has come down to a choice
between my deep love for him on the one hand, and
anyone else on the other, he has always come first and
won! When he said, “You shall have no other gods before
me, I have chosen to take that command very seriously.
However this has often caused major problems. There
have been many misunderstandings with other people as
a result. In spite of the inevitable challenges as well as the
personal cost, still there is only one conclusion I have
been able to come to. Jesus has continually proven to be
worth every ache my heart has felt, each time it has
Other relationships, peace, joy, love, self esteem,
and self worth, my very life itself, all flow out from the vital
relationship that I have with him. Jesus is my lifeline
the source of everything good and wholesome in my life.
Without him I have nothing of worth, and am constantly
threatened by the possibility of losing whatever I do have.
Without him that fear is free to taunt, torment, drive, and
dominate my life permeating everything, ruining any slight
chance I have to be happy, fulfilled and complete. Just
when I grasp at straws convincing myself that all is well,
some brand new horror makes is presence felt. Without
him, I am completely vulnerable and open to whatever
wishes to attack me at that particular time.
In every relationship there must be communication to
maintain it, otherwise it fizzles out and breaks down. If
there are no phone calls, love letters, times of intimacy
and display of affection, then what started out as a raging
fire, becomes nothing more than a desperate flicker of
dashed hope, of what could have been.
A relationship with the Lord is no different. It thrives
on communication and needs all of the above to survive.
Spending time reading the Bible, (the greatest love letter
ever written from his heart to yours), calling the Lord and
talking to him intimately and affectionately, will inevitably
set the deepest part of you on fire! I have found that when
I wanted passion, the Lord proved to be the most
passionate person I know, and matched my passion
effortlessly. He left me breathless, and took me to
exhilarating heights I never thought were possible in this
There is no one on earth who satisfies the deepest
part of my soul like my Jesus! No one on earth is
equipped or meant to have that place in my heart that
belongs to him. Unfortunately at times I did not realise
this, and misunderstood the full consequences of making
the mistake of not grasping this fully. Therefore the
personnel cost often has been extremely expensive and
left parts of my heart and soul completely shattered.
Thank God for Jesus though who has always known how
to put me back together again, stronger than ever and
even more determined to serve him.
HOWEVER I MUST WARN YOU! When it comes to
this special relationship with the Lord you get out what
you put in. To put it another way, if you pay for a cheap
gold plated ring you can’t expect to leave the shop with an
authentic ring of pure gold. The type of relationship you
have with the Lord depends on what you want, and how
much you are willing to invest in him.

Matthew chapter 6 verse 6
But when you, pray, go into your most private room, and
closing the door, pray to your father, who is in secret, and your
father who sees in secret, will reward you in the open.

We are told to shut ourselves away to ensure we
spend quality time alone with the Lord, away from
distractions, and everything and everyone else. However,
as soon as you become serious about your relationship
with the Lord and prayer, it will often seem as if all of hell
has been unleashed against you! It is not just a
coincidence or just your imagination. Rather it is an
unfortunate reality. The last thing the Devil wants is for
your relationship with the Lord to develop because this is
a huge threat to him. He will therefore oppose you on
every side, trying to get to you through every opportunity
possible! The plus side (and there are many) is that the
closer you get to the Lord, the stronger you will become
because his strength will now be available to you. After
spending time alone with God, you will suddenly find you
now have the strength to do everything required of you.
You will become strong enough to resist the devil every
time he comes against you. At last you will have the
strength to live the life of victory that God has planned for
you! The abundant life that he promised to give you will be
your experience and your reality, rather than just a
question of wishful thinking!
He (The Devil) will try every distraction he can think
of to throw you off track. If that fails to work he will try to
deceive you into thinking that perhaps prayer just isn’t for
you after all! If there is one thing I am certain of it is that
the Devil is a liar! Whether you have known the Lord for
ten years or just over a week, I want to encourage you to
hang on in there and absolutely refuse to give up. You will
have to be very determined about this because it is the
only way you will overcome the obstacles. Do not allow
yourself to be caught unawares! Stick close to God and
you will become aware of all his tricks and tactics. Ignore
the doorbell, take the phone off the hook, reject and
rebuke every thought that you know is not of God and in
line with his word. Sometimes it is necessary to do so out
loud, to be able to regain control of your mind and bring
every thought back in line with the task at hand.
It is also very important for the devil to know where
you stand because of what comes out of your mouth!
After all he cannot read your mind. You will therefore find
saying something like this very effective:

“I declare that the blood of Jesus which is filled with
God’s mighty power, is against every trick and all tactics
of every spirit of distraction. I declare that the kingdom of
God and his perfect will for my life is in operation this day,
for Jesus name sake.”
(More on the power of the blood of Jesus later.)

Mark chapter 1 verse 35
The next morning Jesus awoke long before day break and went
out alone into the wilderness to pray.

Luke chapter 5 verse 16
But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.

These scriptures show the commitment Jesus had as
well as the determination to rule out any distractions.
When he walked this earth as a man he found it vital to
spend time alone with his father. He made and took the
time to do so because it equipped him to do all that was
required of him. Prayer also helped him to stay in
agreement with God.
Learn to speak the word of God. Get to know your
bible so that you can accurately speak the promises
contained in it, over your own life! You will be so surprised
at the sheer power it contains and what it can and will
accomplish, as it is spoken into the atmosphere.
Remember it was the very thing that God used to create
the world in the beginning.
I encourage you to be bold and strong in the Lord.
Stand your ground knowing that you are using the
authority and power of the name and blood of Jesus.
Satan understands authority, and knows that Jesus is the
ultimate authority. He has firsthand knowledge of this
based on his defeat, and I‘m sure the memory is still fresh
in his mind. He knows that he will have to leave you
alone, and bow his knee before the king of kings and the
Lord of Lords, who is in control of your life! However he is
not always very sure what you know, and whether or not
you understand what you have at your disposal. He is
unsure of whether you know your spiritual position and all
the benefits of being ‘In Christ!’ This is why a major key
would be to declare your rights out loud! That way Satan
will know he has no choice but to back off and remove
himself from your circumstances and life!
As you begin to spend time in the Lord’s presence
you will get to know him. Remember this is a relationship
with a real person! I have yet to discover anything more
awesome or beautiful than getting to know the Lord
intimately for myself. I have never met anyone like him, or
anyone that compares to him. No-one gives me what he
does. No-one interests or excites me the way he does!
You will soon become familiar with his likes and
dislikes, as well as what he thinks about you and every
aspect of your life. It is during such a time that you can
pour out and express your innermost feelings to him,
whether it be through praise or worship. Equally it may be
an opportunity to share your hurts, disappointments and
troubles. Indeed if ever there was a time, this is the time
to lay everything at his feet, and rest your battle worn,
battered and weary soul.
During this time Jesus will show you how to
maximise your potential. He will teach you how to make
the most of yourself and your time, in the most fruitful and
constructive way. As a result even in this challenging
modern day, you will become equipped to deal with life
rather than be overwhelmed by it.
The Lord will search your heart and reveal it to you,
bringing you face to face with your failure, as well as your
human limitations. He doesn’t do this to discourage or
crush you. However unless he actually shows us the truth
about our own hearts we won’t be aware of their true
state! It is vital to be humble enough to develop a
willingness to make any necessary changes. The truth is
that contrary to popular belief, being ignorant actually is
not bliss. It just means we find ourselves going round and
round in circles instead, incapable of making any real
progress, or of truly being happy or fulfilled.

Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 9 & 10
The heart is hopelessly dark and deceitful, a puzzle that no one
can figure out. But I God search the heart and examine the
mind. I get to the heart of the human. I get to the root of things.
I treat them as they really are, not as they pretend to be.

This can be and often is a very painful process, but
one that must take place if we are to move on and forward
in him. We need to acknowledge and confess our sins to
the Lord, even as he points them out. We do this to be
able to get release from the terrible weight and burden
that sin places upon us. This is the only way we can really
get close to him, because he is a holy God who cannot
bear the sight of sin. If we refuse to humble ourselves and
allow him to help us deal with the wrong things in our
lives, then these very things will separates us from him.
As we continue to spend time praying, he will deal with
our hearts again and again. As we give him permission
and allow him to, he will change us for the better. This
process eventually will enable us to draw closer and
closer to the Lord our God. This fulfils one of his deepest
desires, as he created us to be close to him.
Our prayer time is the time to ask the Lord for
specific things as well as the time to intercede for others,
(which we will cover in later chapters).

John chapter 10 verse 27
My sheep recognise my voice. I know them and
and they follow me.

As we spend time communicating with the Lord, we
will get to know his voice and hear from him the answers
to our prayers. BEWARE!!!! God will never say anything to
us that contradicts his word, so we must test what we
hear. Indeed there will be many voices that we will hear
along our life’s journey. Not all however will be authentic,
because the enemy of our soul desires to distract and
deceive us. The challenge of course is being able to work
out which is which. The only way to get to know God’s
voice is to familiarise ourselves with his word. We must
therefore make spending quality time reading the bible a
priority. That way if any other voice, tries to deceive you, it
will sound like a completely flat tune in the middle of a
beautiful melody!
We will often have to work hard at keeping the line of
communication open between ourselves and the Lord. It
is good to get into the habit of sharing everything with him
including our thought life as a rule. That way we will
develop an intimacy with him that constantly reminds us of
his presence. We will also learn what it means to pray
without ceasing as we go about our everyday life.
It is important to remember that all we will ever need,
we will find in Jesus. When he lived on this earth as a
man, he spent as much time as possible praying and
communicating with our heavenly father. This was the
secret to the powerful life he lived which had the power to
change history. Jesus knew how to bring heaven down to
earth, and he left us his example to follow in Matthew
chapter 6 verses 9-13. The Lord’s prayer is so rich, as it
covers every aspect of life, putting each in order of
As we come before our heavenly father it is important
to remember who he is. He is the God and Creator of the
universe and as such we must come to him with great
reverence, giving him the honour and respect he
As people of prayer we have a resource of power at
our disposal that can make a tremendous difference to the
world in which we live. As we start to experience
answered prayer, we will become more confident. We can
request that the Lord’s perfect will be done in every
encounter we have with other people. We can also ask
him to intervene in every situation or circumstance we find
ourselves or others in, to ensure that his divine authority is
brought to bear on everything.
The Lord knows everything including what is best in
each given situation. He also sees what is around the
corner so it makes sense and is wise to invite him to get
involved in all that concerns us. As our human knowledge
and understanding is limited, it is foolish and risky to
depend totally on that alone!
Any good parent ensures that their children are
provided for in terms of food, clothing, warmth, a loving
home, and anything else they could possibly need. Our
heavenly father is the perfect parent, and longs to give to
us often more than we actually are prepared to receive. It
is right to go to the Lord about our every need. He is our
source and is delighted to provide for us. There is nothing
that is too hard for him. Personally I have found that as a
good father he does not always give me everything that I
want, but he most definitely meets all my needs.
When we present ourselves before the Lord, it is very
important to know that we can come honestly and just as
we. We must remember that he knows everything there is
to know about us anyway, so there is no point trying to
hide anything from him. The good news is that he loves us
with a perfect love. So nothing we do will ever make him
love us any more or less than he already does. Knowing
and embracing this truth is liberating because I have
always longed for someone with whom I could just be
myself (regardless of my human imperfections)!
Therefore we need to be prepared to acknowledge
our faults before him and ask him to forgive us. He is
faithful and will do so. However in the same way that he
forgives us for our shortcomings, he requires us to extend
the same forgiveness to other people when they hurt or
wrong us. We cannot hold on to grudges, or allow
ourselves to become bitter towards anyone. In the same
way he expresses his continuing love towards us, even
when we don’t deserve it, he expects us to treat other
people in the same way. It makes no difference if they are
the most challenging, annoying and undeserving people
we come across! The same rule applies and the lord
expects us to treat them just as well as he treats us! Why?
Well basically someone has to break the cycle. The truth
is that the most powerful spiritual weapon we have
available to use is love. Love knocks the wind out of the
sails of all that is evil!
Satan the enemy of our soul desires to harm, kill and
destroy us. He is always thinking of new plans and
schemes to do so, and it takes the love and protection of
our heavenly father to keep us safe. We need the Lord to
point out all the enemy’s traps and tricks, so that we don’t
get caught out. It is not helpful to only realise the truth
when it is too late! If we stick close to God he will guide us
and keep us safe.
When we pray if we follow the example that Jesus
gave us, then we’ll find that our prayer is wholesome and
covers the main areas of our lives.
One of the most beautiful things that happens when
we spend time in communication with the King of kings, is
that we begin to radiate his glory. In other words his
beauty can be seen on us because he is the light which
rubs off on us.

Numbers chapter 6 verse 24-26
The Lord bless you and watch, guard and keep you, and the
Lord make his face to shine upon and enlighten you and be
gracious (kind, merciful, and giving favour) to you, The Lord
lift up his approving countenance upon you and give you peace
(tranquillity of heart and life continually).

3rd John chapter verse 2
Beloved I pray that you may prosper in every way and that your
body may keep well, even as I know your soul keeps well and

I believe that the primary advantage of being with the
Lord and spending time with him, basking in his presence
and soaking up his intense love for us, is that it has such
an incredible effect on us. It affects us so profoundly that it
can visibly be seen, so that even our physical bodies
begin to reflect what is going on inside us. The truth of the
scriptures are fully realised and fulfilled in us.

Exodus chapter 34 verses 29-35
When Moses came down from Mount Sinai carrying the two
tablets of the testimony, he didn’t know that the skin of his face
glowed because he had been speaking with God. Aaron and all
the Israelites saw Moses, saw his radiant face, and held back
afraid to get close to him. Moses called out to them. Aaron and
the leaders in the community came back and Moses talked with
them. Later all the Israelites came up to him and he passed on
the commands, everything that God had told him on Mount
Sinai. When Moses finished speaking with them, he put a veil
over his face, but when he went into the presence of God to
speak with him, he removed the veil until he came out. When he
came out and told the Israelites what he had been commanded
they would see Moses face, its skin glowing, and then he would
again put the veil on his face until he went back in to speak with

This scripture is a perfect example of this. Moses had
spent time with God and had received a personal
revelation of his glory. (He got a special introduction to
God as a person as well as to him as his God). Moses
then began to reflect that glory to the point that it became
obvious to others, and they were scared to even come
near him. One thing is absolutely guaranteed…you cannot
spend time in God’s awesome presence and ever remain
the same. Prayer beautifies us because the God who we
are spending time with, really is the personification of
beauty at its best! Communicating with God Almighty as a
priority, is the key to everything good and all the treasure
that we hope to find in the very fabric of our lives.

Scriptures taken from The Amplified Bible and the New living translation Bible




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